Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategy

Undergraduate Studies is committed to creating & promoting an inclusive & diverse learning environment in our offices; through our programming; and throughout our services supporting students.

Our work embraces classroom learning, co-curricular learning, academic support, and academic and career preparation. Our goal is for all students regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, and economic background to earn a KU degree in an environment that encourages their academic success and cultivates their personal well-being.

We endeavor to prepare students for 21st century leadership by creating opportunities to solve problems within diverse teams and to gain intercultural skills, as recommended by the American Association of Colleges and Universities. These practices are embodied within the KU Core and experiential learning opportunities throughout the university.

Issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion are central to the success of this work and should be present in how we evaluate program effectiveness and expand opportunities. Our leadership team will continue to develop a DEI strategy that will guide our efforts across the units that will be regularly reviewed and adapted to reflect the needs of the community we serve.

Each spring, the Undergraduate Studies Executive Team will identify a strategy for advancing our DEI work in the following areas:

Hiring Practices

We will implement practices to support and encourage the hiring of a diverse student and professional staff through efforts to ensure a diverse and talented applicant pool, increase recruitment outreach with professional organizations that support underrepresented groups in higher education, and increase training for hiring staff.


We will expand our collaboration with campus and community partners to ensure that our students have opportunities to learn across difference. We will coordinate and streamline these partnerships to ease the process of finding and navigating the program that best fits our students’ needs.

Who We Serve

We will expand our student outreach efforts to ensure that students have access to support services and engaged learning opportunities available through Undergraduate Studies and will address barriers that prevent the participation of underrepresented student populations.


We will expand training for staff and program faculty to be responsive to a range of student needs, to acquire tools to recognize inequalities and create systems that help all students to thrive. We will invest in preparing staff to best assist students as they learn to use and navigate systems.